It is an amazing feeling to experience the ‘Indian in You’ outside India. The foremost thing that helps to make one feel Indian in a foreign country is the Indian food, of course! India is a land of diversity and a melange of exquisite cuisines. People from all origins are living in India. There is a beautiful mixture of culture, tradition, lifestyles and food habits found in India. Here, each state tends to depict a specific culture and likewise a different food item or a delicacy popular amidst the people of the state. Therefore, we have a basket of different dishes already in our “food to taste” list from India. Apart from these specific items from each state, we also have the number of other delicious appetizers, main course recipes, sweet dishes, locally made drinks and so on. Hence, India is not just a land of diversity of people due to its secular status, but also a land of endless mouth watering and appetizing dishes. One of the most interesting part is that there are endless unexplored regional dishes as well. Every true traveler must have surely had a taste of such dishes as they are limited to the region and the tribes only, until someone chooses to bring it to the forefront of mainland popular dishes. Usually, there are some specific Indian dishes that have made a mark worldwide and are immensely popular among the people abroad. London has a huge Indian population. There are a number of Indian restaurants operating in full swing around London. A lot of caterers are working in London for various occasions. There are some sought after dishes that these caterers tend to present to their clients. For example, from the north we have the sumptuous butter chicken served best with the soft butter naan, there is the masala filled spicy kadai chicken, there is mutton rogan josh for the ultimate meat lovers, then there are the kababs and tandoors available both in vegetarian and non vegetarian, other famous items could be the dum aloo, dal makhni, chana masala, etc. From the southern end we have the famous masala dosa’s, uttappams, sambhar vada and so on. The world famous sweet dishes, the gulab jamun and the roshogolla are the ones that cannot be ignored. There are so many other items that still need to be explored and are waiting to be presented to the rest of the world. However, the little that the people know there and have tasted the Indian cuisine is due to the Indian Caterers in London. There are many Indian caterers doing an excellent job. These Indian caterers in London have created a solid ground for themselves. They are highly popular and serve their clients with the best quality food. They hold a successful profile and lead an eventful catering business in London and elsewhere alike.

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