Coming up with a baking business in Mumbai is an exciting idea. Imagine how you will be making so many lives sweeter with your baked goods, cakes and confectioneries. Sounds good, right? Well, before you start assembling your baking tools and equipments, or start your scrumptious flour and sugar work, you will need an enticing name for your business. Naming your bakery will help you convey your message to your potential customers by highlighting the most important aspect of your bakery business. The complete process of naming your bakery in a metro city like Mumbai will be challenging, considering the rate of competition in such a big city. You should keep in mind the focus of your marketing goals before you start selecting the name for your bakery in Mumbai. Stressed? Well you don’t have to be as here are a few essential points that you should keep in mind. Brainstorming Start with a brainstorming session with your team. Make a list of all the words that connect with baked goods and bakeries. Decide whether you want to showcase your bakery as a company, shop or other business type. Then look into the names that people would relate to in the city like Mumbai and then think about names. List down a few best names in the first go! Making It All Clear Your bakery name should come up clean, clear and precise for anybody to understand. Most of the time, this is that one thing which is overlooked by many businesses in the industry. For example: A bakery named ‘Joe’s Creations’ does not show up on search when people look out for a baker in that area, while ‘Joe’s Cupcakes Creations’ gives a clear idea of its offerings. Thus, if you include in your name that you do baking will make you searchable. Not necessary you should add bakery, baker etc. in your bakery name, but something that relates to cakes, baked goods and pastries will help. Business Name That Lets You Grow Never choose a name that restricts you from expanding in further years. A name that limits your possibilities to expanding your offerings or which is too specific will not work in the long run. Add words that let you branch out your business in the long run while helping you target the right audience. The mission of your bakery should be depicted clearly. Be Unique Don’t choose a name which has already been taken, irrespective of a different city, state or country. Taking a name which already exists in some part of the country will let you lose on all aspects from legal to social and ethical. In a city like Mumbai, where there is ample competition and infinite options in bakery industry, you have to be very unique with your name and offerings. Avoid This Error Firstly don’t use spellings like, “cupcakez” or “bakerz”. Everybody will have a different opinion with it. If people can’t spell it correctly, eventually they won’t be able to locate you on online search, thereby proving a loss for your business. Names with offensive undertones or difficult to pronounce can turn your customers away. Avoid names that limit your offerings. don’t keep the name too long as it will get difficult to occupy the space in your business collaterals like, visiting cards, packaging, supplies etc. Location and Specialization Use geographical names that are relatable with the people in Mumbai. You can try coming up with a chic name that is much loved by the people in Colaba and south Bombay and maybe a funky, youthful name for those in Bandra. Mumbai, a city where we have people from all genres, caste with varied likes and choices, your bakery name has to hit them right! Hope these tips will help you select the best name for your bakery in Mumbai. Do let us know if you have already thought of a name or if you have any tips to give. We will be glad to give it a read.

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